Welcome to Blazing Saddles

Yup, Blazing Saddles can take you on just about the best danged horse trail ride on the Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road in the West(ern part of Victoria) 1 3/4hrs from Melbourne, 35 minutes from Geelong on the Great Ocean Road


What we do?

Bush Rides

These rides are a fantastic way to enjoy getting to know your horses and the environment on our west coast. All trail rides offer an experience for everyone from the novice who want to be cowboys/cowgirls to those that already walk like they have lived their life in the saddle!

Beach Rides

Perfect for beginner to experienced horse riders enjoy Fairhaven Beach a gorgeous part of Aireys Inlet. We have up to 10 km of beach to enjoy. You may have driven the Great Ocean Road now explore part of this world-famous natural wonder on horseback.

Ponies & Parties

Have a no stress party with us, ride the ponies, eat in the cafe, play in the playground, it’s all here. We have great party options for children starting from as early as 2 years old. You can self cater BBQ facility available or we can supply you with everything.

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